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Some bottle water is acidic which contain less oxygen needed by our body system.

iON HEALTH System - the ultimate water filtration and anti-oxidant alkaline creation system.

iON HEALTH System - the system that not only filters water but creates healthy anti-oxidant alkaline water.

The system comprises of three filters that remove dirt, odour, insecticides, contaminants, toxins, toxic materials, heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, bacteria, germs and viruses another three filters that create healthy anti-oxidant alkaline magnetic wave (pi) and bio-energy water in small clusters.

iON HEALTH will provide youn with a drinking water that can help you to:

1. Reduce weight and maintain an ideal weight;

2. Slow down the effects of aging;

3. Improve immunity against diseases;

4. Reduce blood pressure;

5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases;

6. Reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic patients;

7. Reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis;

8. Reduce uric acid levels in patients with gout;

9. Improve allergic disorders such as asthma, rhintis and atopic dermatitis;

10. Scavenge free radicals and protect DNA from oxidative damage;

11. Enhance the anti-oxidant effects of vitamin C;

12. Improve gastro-duodenal ulcers and prevent recurrence;

13. Improve liver functions in hepatic disorders.

Price:  MYR 1090 (Exclusive Postage Cost)

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